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Life near the Blue Waters

I am a water baby. Not that I'm into water sports, or owning a boat, or even fishing. I don't own a beach-front property (but I have family and friends that do!) But give me a sunset over "big water"...whether it's with palm trees or pine trees, and my soul soothes. What is better than lazing in a hammock and overlooking beautiful Lake Huron? Or watching the freighters quietly make their way down the St. Clair River shrouded in morning mist?

I am lucky enough to have lived within a few miles of "big water" most of the years of my life. "Big water" calls out to me like a long-lost, beloved friend. The sound of waves lapping at the beach will put me to sleep like a baby. Or wait, sometimes babies don't sleep all that great. Let's say it will put me to sleep like my dog, and she sleeps more than anyone I know.

The water - the sight of it, the sound of it - will bring my blood pressure down, make me smile, and I believe it really brings out the best of everyone you meet around it, whether they are walking down the beach, boardwalk or dock.

St. Clair County has boat races, festivals, beaches, gorgeous sunsets, great restaurants, crafty brew pubs and friendly people. Perfect setting for living and doing business!

I am proud to be associated with DeLacy Real Estate and really love seeing a deal happen. It's exciting and satisfying to introduce someone to the Blue Water area and also to help a "native son" realize their dreams and potentials. Take a moment to read the "History" tab on our webpage for an understanding of who DeLacy Real Estate is.

Here's to living and doing business in the Beautiful Blue Water area; how lucky we are!

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