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Out of high school, and don't know what to do? - The INDUSTRY in Port Huron can help!

I recently caught up with Josh Sabo regarding his new venture, The INDUSTRY which recently opened in Port Huron. Josh explains what The INDUSTRY is all about and shares some of his students' stories.

Q. Tell us a little about what you do.

A. At The INDUSTRY, our main goal is to help students IDENTIFY themselves, EXPLORE careers, and INTEGRATE their identity with the careers that would set them up for a successful life, whatever success looks like for the individual.

Q. What ages are invited to attend? For instance, I have a niece who has been out of high school and college for a few years and hasn't yet found her niche. Would this be available to her?

A. Young adults, 17-25 years old, are invited to apply for our program. The program is for ANYONE who doesn’t have any direction, EVEN IF they’ve graduated College :) Depending on the situation, we’ll accept up to 27 years old

Q. Tell us about the daily/weekly schedule for your students.

A. We meet Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for 3 hours each meeting. It is imperative that students meet often for the community they will develop and to be able to immerse themselves in their futures. The program is only 3 months. It’s a “Grow and Go” program. We train them up and send them out!

Q. Can people drop in to see what it's like, or do you have any specific days/times when visitors are welcome?

A. Anyone can get ahold of us through our e-mail and set up a time to stop in for a session. We hold open houses fairly regularly too.

Q. Do you have any success stories yet?

A. Every one of our students is ALREADY a success. They are moving forward WAY faster than I expected.

One of our students went from Janitor to training others on a robot that builds commercial equipment. He also broke records in production there. All of this happened in his first 3 weeks at The INDUSTRY. He attributes all of his success to The INDUSTRY. He is also building a new business that he is extremely passionate about that will easily make him a salary that will give him the life that he desires.

Another student is supervisor at a retail company and recently his boss said, “You’re too good to be working here. This is just a stepping stone”. He also has a desire to run his own company and has a GREAT plan already lined up. He’s building his resume to work his way up in leadership at another company while he builds his business. He also wants to start a nonprofit for abused dogs.

Our 3rd student is starting an online business selling makeup and coaching women how to do their makeup. She’s also starting a nonprofit that helps young girls with their depression, suicidal thoughts and cutting. She’s going to give girls an opportunity to get “done up” and take a walk on a runway in front of their friends, family and community to develop confidence and inspiration.

Our 4th student has developed an APP idea for community health. He has defined it and developed his strategy. He will be moving out to California to do a paid internship and possible business partnership with a web based company around health and fitness. He’ll be launching his APP with the help of the company’s founder and CEO.

Our 5th student will be helping out in our High School Program that we started called MPA, or Making People Awesome. This program revolves around coaching and anti-bullying by showing high school students that they can be mentors instead of “meanies”! He is getting his Life/Career Coaching Certification, Personal Trainer Certification and will be starting an online business in life coaching.

3 of our students decided to stop doing drugs and even stopped smoking cigarettes. They are inspired and FINALLY believe in themselves and that their dream lives are possible!

These are REAL SUCCESS stories and we’ll continue to pump out INCREDIBLE young people into this community! Port Huron will never be the same

Q. Can you give an idea of what tuition is, how long the program is?

A. Our program is only $1,500! Because we’re a nonprofit, students have the ability to RAISE ALL their own money! We offer scholarships if they’re available (we’re really hoping the community will come around this campaign to raise money for scholarships).

Q. What does the program specifically entail?

A. Our curriculum is still evolving because careers constantly evolve, but the basics are solid. Students go through our specific purpose driven curriculum.

If you know someone who has recently graduated or will soon graduate, this sounds like an amazing next step to load them up with tools and ideas for a successful future.

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